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About Us

Galaxy Grades is an academic writing company that contacts college students with seasoned and highly skilled academic writing professionals. Our agency comprises highly trained and dedicated academic writers sharing a common objective of providing exemplary education solutions.

We have successfully provided academic writing services for over ten years. Over the years, we have produced thousands of custom papers helping hundreds of students from all corners of the world. Our performance-driven and passionate writers help students with numerous academic-related tasks such as reports, research papers, and custom essays. The agency has a team of over 500 writers specializing in different fields and located worldwide.

We also have multiple in-house and remote teams. Our writers have exemplary academic qualifications. In fact, we only hire writers who demonstrate in-depth knowledge and passion about writing in their respective subjects specialization. Beginner writers undergo a probation period through scenario writers and quality assurance specialists to fine-tune their writing skills.

Our unique strategy is centered around responsive customer service and customization. That notwithstanding, we constantly upgrade our objective to provide maximum satisfaction and enhance the quality of our services.
Thanks to customer reviews, experience, and an innovative team, we have created a unique company beloved by students for incredible online academic assistance. We allow clients to work with customers directly. This working approach has enabled us to produce mutually beneficial results for both writers and customers.

How it Works

We guide students on research writing, structuring, and editing their essays. Besides helping students with assignment writing services, we also provide samples to give you a sneak peek of the best writing skills. Additionally, we explain to students how to approach their homework to meet lecturer expectations and score high grades.

We have an innovative approach to create competition among writers and motivate them to continue producing quality work. Customers are not obligated to make payment before settling for a professional whose working style resonates with their academic needs. Our working style is customer-oriented. Essentially, the customer:
● Chooses the best writer for each task. They also supervise and make suggestions to help the writer handle the task perfectly and meet their utmost needs.
● Plan their budget and choose a writer according to the piece, writing skills, and professional experience.
● Review the writing skill and performance and provide transparent rating and reviews.

Galaxy grades ordering and payment processes are user-friendly and straightforward. To further enhance and simplify the ordering process, we alert you via SMS when the order is ready or if we need additional information or files. Here is how to go about placing an order.

Our Guarantees

When you order from Galaxy Grades, you enjoy a myriad of benefits. Some of the guarantees that you enjoy after buying essays from our agency include:


We understand the consequences of submitting copied work. Plagiarized assignments automatically get a low grade. You might also suffer from legal repercussions and a ruined reputation. Most students are either suspended or expelled from school. At Galaxy Grade, we work on custom essays from scratch and deliver 100% original work. We also send a plagiarism report on request.

Money Back

Our services are vaunted for their exceptional quality. However, if you feel the writer did not meet your expectations, kindly request revisions. If you are still unsatisfied after modifications, then we will gladly refund you your money. While these cases are rare at Galaxy Grades, we go the extra mile to show our commitment to quality and meet our clients’ utmost needs.


Galaxy Grade writing services are private and confidential. This means that we do not share your personal and payment information with third parties. Clients engage with writers anonymously. Therefore, the risk of someone reporting to your school should be the least of your worries.

24/7 Support

If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available any time of the day to answer your queries and provide solutions to your concerns. Our customer support staff will gladly help and guide you accordingly.

Revision Policy

Delivering high-quality work is our priority. Our quality assurance department monitors the writer’s quality to ensure our clients receive utmost satisfaction. Therefore do not hesitate to ask for revisions if you are not satisfied with the work quality. We have an unlimited revision policy to ensure our clients receive error-free work. The revision encompasses all areas of writing, including formatting, grammar, and the job scope. However, revisions are not commonplace in our agency, especially from our top writers.

Hiring Process

Our writer goes through a rigorous process. The aim is to absorb only the finest experts into our team. After counter-checking their credentials, the aspiring writers go through several tests. The trials aim to test their professionalism, accuracy, speed, and knowledge. A writer is ready to handle orders after acing these tests. Besides the test, we also do background checks, including

Proof of Identity

The first step is checking the identity of potential writers to safeguard our writers’ best interests and welfare.

Academic Certificates Verification

We verify the authenticity of the diploma or degree certificates. We don’t condone impostors or people with questionable credentials. Otherwise, we risk admitting writers incapable of meeting industry standards.
After approving the identity, the potential writer proceeds to do the tests.
● English proficiency test- The test includes grammar and spelling questions
● Plagiarism test – This test aims to determine if the writer can write writer original and authentic content without copying
● Writing test- The writing test gauges the writer’s ability to connect ideas and arguments. It also tests the writer’s understanding of formatting styles.

Top Writers

All our writers are highly skilled and seasoned professionals with varying academic backgrounds. We strive to match every order with ideal writers whose academic credentials and writing skills are suitable for the assignment. That said, we have a list of writers who have consistently delivered top-grade essays. Our past clients give them positive reviews and five-star ratings.
Go through our top performers’ list and acquaint yourself with their reviews, rating, and bios. You can choose any of them to handle your task. Here is a list of our best performers.